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When a developer firm gives you the super-built up area of a property, he is referring to the total area, inclusive of the common areas. As per the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, common areas include:

  1. The entire land for the real estate project, or if the project is developed in phases and registration under the RERA is sought for a phase, the entire land for that particular phase.
  2. Staircases, elevators, staircase and elevator lobbies, fire escapes and common entrances and exits of buildings.
  3. Common terraces and basements, parks, play areas, open parking areas and common storage spaces.
  4. The premises for lodging of persons who are employed for the management of the property, including accommodation for watchmen and ward staff or for the lodging of community service personnel.
  5. All community and commercial facilities as provided in the real estate project.
  6. Installations of central services such as electricity, gas, water and sanitation, air-conditioning and incineration and systems for water conservation and renewable energy.
  7. Water tanks, sumps, motors, compressors, fans, ducts and all apparatus connected with installations for common use.
  8. Other portions of the project necessary or convenient for its maintenance, safety, etc. and in common use.